They Like My Book…

A review of “My Name Was Toby” from well known Israeli publisher and proprietor of “Matar”, Moshe Triwaks:

“I’ve just finished going over the beautiful “My Name Was Toby.” 

This is certainly a work of love and I am certain that in his 13 years he knew not only to to appreciate your love for him but knew how to reciprocate…I consider (this book) as a little gem.”

Wow – these are sweet words…


Cruel and incanine treatment

42 puppies have been rescued by the Minnesota Humane Society from Michigan puppy mills. (See our TV program on puppy mills). Puppy mills are inhumane (or is it incanine?) and cruel. Rescued puppies will be loyal, loving and understanding. How do I know? Because I was one!

How Smart is Your Dog?

They are now selling a video so that you can test your dog’s IQ. Here’s the catch: If you spend $15.00 for the video, your dog is much smarter than you!

You’re much better off buying my book — you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and 10% of the proceeds go to animal rescue. Click here to order.

Parade Watching

Memorial Day — I used to love the parades, seeing all the children marching, listening to the bands… and getting a lot of treats! But then the fire engines would blast by and frighten me to no end. I still watch… but it’s much quieter up here in Dog Heaven.


They say that a dog is man’s best friend.  Before I found a home with Alan & Sharon, the rescue people had me neutered.  How many folks do you know who had their best friends neutered?